Aira Cosplay Photography : Megurine Luka n' Friends Gallery

Well this morning i got another Aira cosplay photo, i think this is several time i post Aira Cosplay as Megurine Luka, but this time i think she cosplaying as Megurine Luka at a show, i love how they really enjoying their role on this Aira Cosplay Photography but still i think Aira is the most lovely cosplayer for me :D well overall all the cosplayer on this Aira Cosplay Photography as Vocaloid Character looks fits as the Character they playing, their cosplay costume seem has been made well too, about photogrpahy aspect i think I do not expect much from it, well i got this Aira Cosplay Photography from Cosrain. its sweet Vocaloid cosplay photo by aira and friend, unfortunately i dont know all the cosplayer name so sorry for not including that here.


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