One Piece Cosplay Photography : Buggy & Mr.3 Gallery

Awesome One Piece Cosplay Photography by Duo Taiwan Cosplayer, their name is Awetanir and Kokan, on this One Piece Cosplay photography Awetanir Cosplaying as Buggy and Kokan as Mr2 (i dont know whos his name :D) i never like buggy in anime but lately i play pockie pirates online game and i really want him as my crew XD, well on this One Piece Cosplay photo both of them look very fits as the character they playing, i really like that Mr.2 Cosplay photography, Kokan really made Mr.3 Come to alive, his face characteristic and body posture look very fits as Mr.3, beside they got awesome expression that made them look like a real one, on this One Piece Cosplay Photography they wearing Prisoner cloth, i remember when they trying to escape from imple dawn with Ivankov. well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photography from Awetanir and Kokan's WorldCosplay page, its great One Piece Cosplay Photography.


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