Rinami Cosplay Photography as Eru Chitanda Gallery

Rinami is one of my favorites cosplayer, on this Rinami Cosplay photogrpahy she is cosplaying as female character from hyoka anime series, i never watch or following this anime so i really dont know hows Eru Chitanda character look alike, but when i compare this Rinami Cosplay photo with Eru Chitanda character picture on the internet i think Rinami looks fits enough as that character, beside that i like the background set of class on this Rinami cosplay photo, that can represent enough whos Eru Chitanda is, at least we know that she is a student ^^, well i got this Rinami Cosplay Photography from cosrain, actually i got another Rinami Cosplay photography but i will post that next time, well its sweet Rinami Cosplay Photography as Eru Chitanda.


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