K-On Cosplay Photography by Girasore Gallery

K-On is not my favorites anime and never following that anime seriously, but its always nice to see K-On Cosplay photo since they really look great as K-On character, on this K-On Cosplay photo Girasore has nice pose ^^ look at the 3rd and 4th picture XD well i know that Yui Hirasawa is cheerfull and always love cute thing, but i dont know if Yui Hirasawa can do that pose :D, in this K-On Cosplay Photography i think Girasore look fits anough as Yui Hirasawa though its not the best K-On Cosplay photogrpahy of Yui Hirasawa which i have ever seen, well i got this K-On Cosplay Photography by Girasore from her worldCosplay page, its sweet yui hirasawa cosplay and girasore looks so cheerfull here, love it.  


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