One Piece Cosplay Photography by Akatsuki Tsukasa Gallery

Another One Piece Cosplay photography of Boa Hancock character, Boa Hancock is my favorites female character on One Piece Anime series, i really wanna her to marry with Luffy XD but i even not sure Luffy like a girl lol (since he even got no reaction when he saw Hancock naked =.=") well the cosplayer behind this One Piece Cosplay Photogrpahy is Akatsuki Tsukasa i dont remmember i have post her cosplay photo on this blog before, Akatsuki Tsukasa look too mature as Boa Hancock on this One Piece Cosplay Photography beside that her face characteristic seems not match with Boa Hancock personality, so its completely different with Boa Hancock which i have ever imagine, but i really like the lighting and the background set of this One Piece Cosplay photography, its look filled with luxury touch that can really represent whos Boa Hancock is, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photography from Akatsuki Tsukasa's WorldCosplay page.


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