How can something so cute be so deadly? that is the right word to describe Xiao Qiao character from Dynasty Warriors 8 Video Game, despite her age that still 16 years old with a cute body arround 160 cm tall, she is general of Wu Force, so don't ever think to mess with her. She can be played in almost every Dynasty Warriors game series.

Cosplayer in this Xiao Qiao Cosplay Pictures is Bell, how perfect she is in this Xiao Qiao Cosplay picture. First she looks very cute (that how Xiao Qiao supposed to be), second she has a petite body (just like Xiao Qiao in the game). third she's got a awesome high detailed Xiao Qiao Cosplay Costume (how can you expect more?) and the best this Xiao Qiao Cosplay Pictures she has a mole under her left eye, it was! make her two times sweeter than a real Xiao Qiao in Dynasty Warriors 8 video game.


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