Atsuko Maeda is anime girl from Japanese anime entitled AKB0048, AKB0048 is japanese science fiction anime television series based on the popular idol group AKB48, the main character in the anime itself is completely different from the original name of the AKB48 members now, this AKB0048 anime settings took 48 years of right now.

It clear that Hiko (Cosplayer) really like AKB48, before I say anything else about this Atsuko Maeda Cosplay picture I suggest you look at this Mariko Shinoda Cosplay picture, which better? is she look better as the Holy Center Atsuko Maeda? or as my Oshi Mariko Shinoda? regardless of your opinion i fell in love with Acchan in this Atsuko Maeda Cosplay picture.


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