Sword Art Online Anime story is about the incident in a Virtual Reality MMO Games called Sword Art Online, when all Player traped in the Game they trying to complete the dungeon so they can get out from that Game, Asuna Yuuki is the main female heroine in the story, like most main female character, she is adorable girl who can make you in love with her.


Usagiyakuro is the cosplayer behind this Cool Sword Art Online Cosplay, this is not the first time I post her Sword Art Online Cosplay so you should see her previous Asuna Cosplay, unlike in her previous Sword Art Online Cosplay that only wearing a regular sweater, this time she was wearing full detailed the Knights of the Blood Guild uniform from The Game.

Seriously! besides Usagiyakura very fit as Asuna she also has a very cool cosplay costume. it proves that girls always win when it came to Play with Fashion or Costume, right!? I Super Love the detail in her Sword Art Online Cosplay costume.


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