One Piece Cosplay Photo by RerinKin Cosplayer as greatest samurai from the past in One Piece Anime, Ryuma, Ryuma is a samurai from the Wano Country in the New World who died and was made into a General Zombie by Hogback, well actually i think this is same ryuma from Oda's previous one-shot manga with tittled Monsters, personally i like this character he look very cool with that white hair and old samurai cloth (i dont know what that name xD should i call that yukata!?) whatever, different with Ryuma from Monsters anime, As a zombie, Ryuma is slightly shorter than Brook, He has several bandages covering part of his skull face. He has no eyes and no nose, even he just a zombie but he still very powerful and can beat brook, after zoro beat Ryuma he give his Katana to Zoro.

One Piece Cosplay Photo by RerinKin Gallery

Another Stuning One Piece Cosplay, this time i got One Piece Cosplay by RerinKin, if you think the cosplayer behind this Ryuma cosplay is a guy, you wrong RerinKin is a cosplayer girls and i think she work together with her bf to make many awesome cosplay photo, well RerinKin really did great on her makeup here, that was awesome makeup, its really hard to see her original face xD and that look like Ryuma for real, i like her hair too on this One Piece Cosplay that look like Ryuma real hair though i think that was bit different Color on it (Ryuma has white hair, but in this One Piece Cosplay, i think the light effect has made her hair looks yellow ^^) beside that i think RerinKin has different body posture with ryuma :D, but overall i love this One Piece Cosplay Photo, especially for the makeup, i got this One Piece Cosplay from RerinKin's DeviantArt page, visit there to see another One Piece Cosplay by her :D.


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