League of Legends Cosplay : Sona Character by Eki, this is another the rest picture from League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki (i hope i can find more XD) kinda tired looking for this Sona cosplay photo by Eki lol, i already post her League of Legends Cosplay as Sona before, but one of the picture has bad resolution and here i post much better resolution and another Sona cosplay by Eki ^^, thanks to Philidia for the link :D without that link i wont see the best eki cosplay as Sona photo (the last one :P).

League of Legends Cosplay : Sona Gallery

I really love the angle of that cosplay photo XD that was epic angle shoot, i can clearly see ....ummm... the box on her hand and her beautiful eyes and her pretty face too ^^ , I'm a little curious about what she was holding, is that a chocolate box o.O? or ... uggh I cant read the writing on the box, whatever i love this League of Legends Cosplay photo by Eki, i dont know how many time i saw this League of Legends Cosplay photo she always looks awesome, well i got this cosplay photo from www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=2898&l=102.


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