League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki Cosplayer as Sona the Maven of the Strings from League of Legends game, i just play dota and i got infomation that League of Legends is almost same with Dota (or League of Legends is inspired by Dota o.O) well whatever, i already post League of Legends cosplay by Miyuko which i think that good cosplay, but yea this time i got much better Sona Cosplay photo, this time the cosplayer is Eki, Eki really did perfect Sona Cosplay photo in this League of Legends Cosplay Photo, her face seem fit enough with Sona Character and her body posture seem perfect too, i love her cosplay costume, when i saw this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki, i think that Miyuko wearing wrong cotume xD, well i really love this League of Legend Cosplay Photo, her hair looks like effected by her Skill :O, bise that i love the green effect on this photo, that look like Sona skill, and yea...Eki got enough boobs xD. 

League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki Gallery

Well its lame i just found two League of Legend Cosplay picture by Eki, and one picture has bad resolution :/ i hope i can find another Eki cosplay as Sona, she looks perfect as Sona, As a comparison I purposely post sona pictures which I got from the internet, and i guess everyone would agree that this is perfect Sona Cosplay photo, i got this League of Legends Cosplay Photo by Eki from euw.leagueoflegends.com, im not sure but i think Sona Character seem popular among League of Legends player :o, and even people who do not play that game like me, like Sona character :P, i think when i got time i will try this game, I love dota so maybe i love this game too ^^, well its perfect League of Legends Cosplay photo Sona the Maven of the Strings by Eki, i'll post another Eki cosplay nextime xD. sweet!! 


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