Neneko Cosplay Photography as Setsu Gallery

This time i got another Neneko Cosplay photography, she cosplaying as one of the playable character on the dating sim video games developed and published by D3 Publisher for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation Portable, Dream C Club, on this Neneko Cosplay photography she has manage to create very pretty and cute Setsu, iam not play this game but i believe Neneko has made better version of Setsu ^^, actually there is Neneko's friends who cosing as another character, she cosing as amane, well they both really looks so cute on this Neneko Cosplay photography, i bet on the third picture they pose made many men jelous and wanna replace one of their position XD, well about their cosplay costume that was made close enough with the real one, i got this Neneko Cosplay Photography from Neneko's facebook page, you can check there to see another Neneko Cosplay Photography.


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