Aira Cosplay Photography : Gurenn Lagann Gallery

Gurren Lagann is known as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in japanese, Aira Cosplay as the main female protagonist character of this anime, Yoko Littner, shes not just good as sniper but she also the hawter girls on this anime for me, and Aira really has made Yoko Littner come alive on this Aira Cosplay Photography, but i think Aira need more abs to make her looks more like a real Yoko ^^ well that not a matter she still looks hawt, Aira looks perfectly fits as Yoko Littner she looks so sweet and hot, i think this Aira Cosplay Photography was taken when aira attending some cosplay event in japanese but i dont know what is that, i already got this Aira Cosplay photography long time ago, so i dont remember from where i got this Aira Cosplay photography, sorry for not including the original source of this cosplay photo, its sweet Aira Cosplay photogrpahy.


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