Death Note Cosplay Photography by Iori Gallery

Its another Death Note Cosplay photography, i already post some of Death Note Cosplay photography on this blog but this time the cosplayer name is Iori, Iori got cute face and similar face type as kipi, that why i think she looks perfectly fits as Misa Amane, yea she cosing as Misa Amane (Kira 2) Misa Amane is a "super cool" character who works as an actress. Within the Death Note universe, Misa is a famous model, singer and actress who is infatuated with Light Yagami, i really love this character, she cute cheerfull and will do everything for her love, on this Death Note Cosplay photogrpahy Iori wearing pink cloth with gothic lolita style, one think i like from this Death Note Cosplay photography is her hair, i think shes not wearing a wig, cosing with real hair always look better than when wearing a fake hair, well i got this Death Note Cosplay Photography from cosrain, its sweet Misa Amane Cosplay by Iori.


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