Tasha Cosplay Photo as Sakine Meiko Character from VOCALOID, MEIKO is a Vocaloid DTM (Desktop Music) software created by Crypton Future Media. She is the first Japanese vocaloid and first Japanese female Vocaloid, she utilizes the Vocaloid engine developed by YAMAHA. Her voice is provided by the Japanese female singer Haigō Meiko (personally i dont really like this Vocaloid character) i just like Miku Hatsune and Megurine Luka from Vocaloid 2 (especially Megurine Luka, she is my favorites character ^^), Meiko sold 3,000+ units in her first year according to DTM magazine, this was abnormal for a software synthesizer at the time, this was far better than her counterpart Kaito who had sold only 500 units, Originally, Meiko Append, together with Kaito Append were intended to be Vocaloid 2 releases.

Tasha Cosplay Photo as Sakine Meiko Gallery

Tasha Cosplay Photo as Vocaloid Character, i already post her cosplay photo as other vocaloid character such as hatsune, in this Tasha Cosplay Photo as Meiko Tasha wearing nurse outfit with toy stethoscope, and That was a huge injection (i dont want thats scary thing touch me XD) but i think she will need a needle to help people to make that injection work (she looks very cute with that ^^) well her nurse outfit made Tasha looks hot (if nurse in Hospital all like this, i'll find my own reason to get sick xD), well actually tasha not fits enough with Meiko, i dont know why maybe because Tasha has different face characteristic and she also looks too mature as Meiko, well thats not an importan point, certainly she has made Meiko look very pretty, well i got this Tasha Cosplay Photo from Cosrain.com, its sweet Tasha Cosplay Photo as Meiko in Pink nurse outfit.


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