One Piece Cosplay Photo by Maoka Cosplayer as the sweet Archeolog girl in One Piece anime, Nico Robin, Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She was originally introduced as the Vice President of Baroque Works known as Miss All Sunday before joining up with the Straw Hats, she is my third favoritest girl character on One Piece anime, after Boa Hancock and nami ^^, Nico Robin is a tall, slender, yet athletic woman with shoulder length black hair and i she is also the smartest girl in Strawhat pirates crew, Nico Robin is Devil Fruit user her fruit name is Hana Hana no Mi, Hana Hana no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to replicate and sprout pieces of their body from the surface of any object or living thing, and the best part After the timeskip, Robin's duplication ability has grown to the point of creating a full-body clone of herself (its awesome if my gf can do that thing xD).

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Maoka Gallery

One Piece Cosplay Photo by Maoka as Nico Robin character, i dont know why but i love this Nico Robin in different way (not only admire the similarity of Cosplayer with the character or her cosplay costume) but i think I love to see this One Piece Cosplay by Maoka because Maoka has been made very natural Nico Robin Cosplay photo, she looks so pretty with her Casual cloth (i dont remember Nico Robin ever wearing that casual cloth), although she was not wearing a cosplay costume, but she still carries a cowboy hat as typical of Nico Robin ^^, in this One Piece Cosplay photo she use Hana Hana no Mi ability to carries her hat and One Piece manga (that make life more simpler xD), well i got this One Piece Cosplay photo from Maoka WorldCosplay page, well i love this Nico Robin Cosplay by Maoka. 


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