One Piece Cosplay Caimie by BaDianDian by Ba Dian Dian Cosplayer, this time Ba Dian Dian cosplaying as Caimie (Keimi in japanese version, and Camie in english version), but i love call her as Caimie xD, Caimie is a kissing gourami mermaid that first appeared in Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll mini-series, young mermaid who is generally seen wearing a t-shirt and carrying a backpack. The t-shirt she is usually seen wearing in particular is of the same fashion brand, Criminal, her master Pappug designs, Caimie is cute character (actually i like her personality and her innocence appearance), She is pictured in the anime with green hair and dark purple eyes. Her shirt is yellow and pink and she wears an orange backpack where she carries her takoyaki, Caimie works as Waitress at Mermaid Cafe Takoyaki 8.

One Piece Cosplay Caimie by BaDianDian Gallery

this is another One Piece Cosplay by Ba Dian Dian as Caimie, i already post her One Piece Cosplay Photo as Caimie before that you can find here, i dont know why but I think Ba Dian Dian looks very fit as Caimie, i think she got very fit face characteristic with Caimie personality, of all Ba Dian Dian One Piece Cosplay photo i think her Cosplay as Caimie are the best, she looks more natural when she cosplaying as Caimie though i think her body not fit enough as Caimie ^^ (but whos care with that XD i love her One Piece Cosplay as Caimie), but i prefer her previous One Piece Cosplay as Caimie because there Caimie looks more alive and Ba Dian Dian seems very enjoying that Cosplay ^^, well i got this One Piece Cosplay Photo by Ba Dian Dian from her WoldCosplay page, i wish i'll get more of her One Piece Cosplay next time (especially her Caimie cosplay and Shirahosi XD), so...Ba Dian Dian keep Update ur cosplay photo XD, well Sweet One Piece Cosplay by Ba Dian Dian as Caimie.


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