Tasha Cosplay Photography as Hotaru Gallery

You love fast faced combat Mmo games? i think you would like Chyper Online, yea on this Tasha Cosplay she cosplaying as one of the newest character from fast faced 3rd person mmogames called Chyper, her name is Hotaru, well Tasha is one of SPCat cosplayer and she is one of my favorites cosplayer ever, she always did great on every Tasha Cosplay Photography, her beauty always supported with impressive cosplay costume, SPCat always made high detailed cosplay costume with right chosen material, she got impressive cosplay costume here but i think Tasha got beautiful eyes and as always she look enjoying her role here ^^, well i got this Tasha Cosplay Photography from SPCats official webpage, visit there to see another Tasha Cosplay Photography.


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