Sakuya Cosplay Photography as Medaka Kurokami Gallery

In this Sakuya Cosplay Photography she cosplaying as Medaka Kurokami, i really don't know about this anime so lets get some help from wiki ^^, Medaka Kurokami is the main female character from Medaka Box anime series, she is 98th Student Council President of Hakoniwa Academy. Beautiful and well-endowed, which she has no shame in showing off whenever possible, well thats its, lets talk about how fits this Sakuya Cosplay as Medaka Kurokami, when i comparing this Sakuya Cosplay Photography with Medaka picture, i think Sakuya face not fits as Medaka (i mean she's not fits with Medaka personality) about her body i think Sakuya got something needed to become Medaka kurokami ^^, well it sweet Sakuya Cosplay Photography, i got this Sakuya Cosplay Photography from cosrain. 


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